Oleg's Outpost

Oleg’s Outpost is an ex-military fort located in the northernmost reaches of the Greenbelt. Run by the surly Oleg Leveton and his wife Svetlana, it has a stable, four out-of-order siege engines, a sturdy palisade wall, and small but comfortable rooms. Most recently, the outpost has started putting together a small library, due to the PCs’ desire to have something to read during the too-frequent storms that plague the area.


  • Oleg Leveton, surly owner of the outpost. Handles most of the day-to-day activities.
  • Svetlana Leveton, his wife. Mainly handles cooking and cleaning, but also sees to the horses.
  • Claptrap, Oleg’s ill-tempered old horse.
  • Glen Venti, reformed bandit. Helps Oleg with the less desirable tasks – cleaning the stables, tending to the worm pits, etc.
  • Kesten Garess, a gruff guard captain from Restov, and his men – Balduino Segal, Lucas Alvin, Ruben Dirckx, Gisbert Görög, and Yana Petes.
  • Jhod Kavken, a middle-aged priest of Erastil.
  • Ayasha, Mira’s adopted badger cub (currently in the care of Jhod).
  • Eddard Calderon, former member of the party who has remained at the outpost to work on its defenses.
  • Irina Kieslava, reformed bandit and bookworm.
  • Anton Lobanov, unrepentant bandit. Suggested toll payment in carnal form; currently awaiting trial.
  • Sergei Ivanov, former bandit. Believed he was working for the rightful lord of the land; has been quietly compliant since finding out he was wrong.
  • Stanimir Schlensky, former bandit. Mute and timid, often looks to Sergei for guidance.
  • Mikmek, a kobold from the Sootscale tribe. The party took him on as a diplomat, to prove to Oleg that the Sootscales will not pose a threat to the settlement. True to his word, the only thing Mikmek has proved a threat to so far is Oleg’s worm farms.
  • Leon Petrovich (formerly Alexandrovich), former bandit. Born into a life of banditry, he’s likely to be a hard redemption case.

The Library

Aftr the Greenbelt saw two thunderstorms in the course of a week, the PCs decided to pool a sum of gold and send to Restov for some books, so they could better themselves during such bouts of inclement weather. Despite finding it an odd request, Oleg complied, and has so far obtained the following books for the party:

  • The Acts of Iomedae, the holy text of Iomedae.
  • Albertus’ Amazing Picture Book (See Them Come To Life Without Magic!)
  • Anatomist’s Sketchbook
  • Angry Aurochs Rules the Playground
  • Baking for Children, a request from Mira in hopes of improving her somewhat lacking baking skills.
  • The Birth of Light and Truth, the holy text of Sarenrae.
  • Bodily Humors of the Basilisk and Troll: Dissimilarities
  • The Bones Land in a Spiral, the holy text of Pharasma.
  • The Book of Joy, the holy text of Calistria.
  • The Book of Magic, the holy text of Nethys.
  • Centaurs’ Courtship Rituals
  • Divination Concepts in the Application of Transmutative magics in relation the Brunson-Hilgar Weave sub-strata and Resultant Fluctuations in Statistical Probability
  • Dusk
  • The Eight Scrolls, the holy text of Desna.
  • An Extensive Peacetime Comparison of the Sling and Sword
  • The Gorumskagat, a collection of seven poems sacred to the faith of Gorum.
  • Hammer and Tongs: The Forging of Metal and Other Good Works, the holy text of Torag.
  • How to Survive in the Desert, like a Real Man
  • Hymns to the Wind and the Waves, the holy text of Gozreh.
  • A Lady’s Heart
  • Melodies of Inner Beauty, the holy text of Shelyn.
  • A New Tactical Comparison of the Bow and Halberd
  • The Order of Numbers, one of Abadar’s holy texts.
  • The Parables of Erastil, the holy text of Erastil.
  • The Peacetime Application of Basic Abjurations
  • Placards of Wisdom, the holy text of Cayden Cailean.
  • Plants of the Guldurak Jungle, an Alchemical Treatise
  • Raising Owlbears for Fun and Profit
  • Regarding the Province’s Major Battles
  • A Taste for Adventure
  • Techniques for Proper Construction, Operation, and Storage of Modern Siege Engines: Unabridged Version
  • Unbinding the Fetters, the holy text of Irori.
  • The Young Elf’s Collection of Human Tales
  • Zarphando Moderfelon’s Handbook for the Adventurous Lover
  • Zuddiger’s Picnic

Oleg's Outpost

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