Mikmek is a young, impressionable kobold of the Sootscale tribe, currently posted at Oleg’s Outpost as an ambassador for scalykind.


As a former guard for the Sootscale Caverns, Mikmek never expected much trouble. He would throw rocks at passing creatures, run if they got too close, and spend most of his time sleeping. When war broke out between the Sootscale tribe and the mites of the sycamore tree, Mikmek was one of four kobolds who were captured and tortured by the sadistic fey. He proved stronger than his fellows, surviving several days of torture, hung on the wall between his fellow guards, and it was there that the party found him.

While apprehensive, the heroes took pity on Mikmek, arming him with a dagger taken from the slain mites and trusting him at their back. While not so useful in the battles that followed, Mikmek stayed true to his word, leading the party safely to the Sootscale caverns and securing them an audience with Chief Sootscale.

After the death of Tartuk and the drawing of a peace treaty between the people and kobolds of the Greenbelt, Mikmek happily agreed to accompany the party to Oleg’s Outpost to prove to the surly Oleg that kobolds could be trusted and treated as people. He’s managed to get himself in a fair amount of trouble with the outpost keeper by doing such things as eating worms from the compost heaps, for which he is punished by being made to sleep in the stables – a punishment he rather enjoys, as the cramped stalls and heaps of smelly straw are far more like the kobold warrens than the beds the pink-skins sleep in.


Mikmek is young and eager, and as impressionable as a young child. He is eager to please, likes to think of himself as mighty and brave (while being neither of these things), and isn’t particularly bright. He is also ignorant of human culture, as evidenced by such actions as trying to eat a book, but he wants to learn so he can please his rescuers.


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